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We need your help to ensure that every Marylander with a developmental disability, the workforce who provides support to people with disabilities, and family members of people with disabilities have face masks.


The situation:  In Maryland, there are more than 17,000 adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who receive direct services and supports from disability organizations.  Many of these services are provided in small congregate homes (also known as group homes).  A group home is not like a nursing home.  It is typically a single family house, apartment or condo in communities across the state.  There are also over a thousand adults who self-direct their own services and receive those services in their own homes or the home of a relative.  The workforce that provides care and support in these settings, are skilled and compassionate people.  Due to historically low medicaid rates, these professionals earn $12.00 to $15 per hour on average.  It is estimated that there are approximately 25,000 Direct Support Professionals working during this pandemic in Maryland right now.


Nationwide, there has been a severe shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The lack of available protection makes going to the grocery store and conducting other essential errands difficult for all of us, but the situation is much more critical for providers of developmental disabilities services and for people with disabilities who live in congregate settings (such as group homes).

The care that DSPs provide is intimate. Most DSPs are certified medical technicians.  They provide personal care, and prepare meals, often helping people physically to eat. They possess behavioral support skills and employ respect and empathy to help people stay safe and calm.


In mid-March, Governor Hogan issued a directive to close adult day programs throughout the state.  These closures have impacted many people with developmental disabilities. The change in routine has left people isolated, scared, and bored. There is little to no adherence to the 6-foot rule due to the space available in group homes and the level of understanding of the importance of social distancing. People are at serious risk of contracting/spreading COVID19.


Direct Support Professionals provide essential services and yet they can’t obtain PPE from our health department.  Disability organizations have very limited access to items like masks, shields, gowns and even gloves due to prioritization of these supplies for hospitals and nursing homes.


There are volunteer grassroots efforts around the state who are making alternatives to personal protective equipment for hospitals, first-responders and nursing homes to include DIY face shields, masks and gowns. While these facilities absolutely need this protective gear, so does our community of people with I/DD, their Direct Support Professionals, and family caregivers.


To provide SOME protection to DSPs, members of the Developmental Disability Coalition are banding together on a mission to ensure that every person with I/DD, every Direct Support Professional, and every family member-caregiver who needs a cloth mask will have it.  

Please join our team effort.  Marylanders are resilient, supportive, and we care about one another.  We can do this!


 Sign up through the hot buttons to request face masks, donate face masks, or donate to our effort (all funds received through our "GoFundMe" link will go toward the purchase of masks and materials.)

Thank you to our

"We Got You Covered" Heroes!

Thank you to our Stitches Heroes-

Heroes that have either made face shields or cloth face masks


Rose Salvo

Thank You to everyone that has donated to the

"We Got You Covered" Initiative!!!


"My son received your package in the mail today with the additional masks. He wears the masks along with gloves when he is working. He was so excited and we really appreciate receiving them so quickly. As a parent, I really appreciate him receiving these extra masks, thanks"

-"a grateful mother" 

"Thank you so much! Very grateful this tool has been developed for our community! Stay safe! Glad Curt has more opportunities for his PPE at work to keep him safe and healthy!"

-"Provider representative"

"Thank you so much. We received the masks and we were able to go grocery shopping already. We'll be making pictures soon wearing them. Again!! THANK YOU! ❤


"I want to thank you for the masks for the people we support and our staff. We appreciate your help in keeping everyone safe during this time."

-"Grateful Provider"

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"I am very thankful for the masks to wear to work; I really like the designs, too".

-"Grateful Mask User"

THANK YOU to the "We Got You Covered" Initiative

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THANK YOU to the "We Got You Covered" Initiative

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